Gemeente Cranendonck

For the municipality of Cranendonck, we developed an engaging campaign to promote a positive mindset towards sustainability among its residents.

Cranendonck, daar ben ik zuinig op

We highlighted six sustainability themes under one overarching campaign: "Cranendonck, daar ben ik zuinig op" ("Cranendonck, I take care of it"). Each theme was given a designated three-week period. The introduction of a theme began with a video advertised on social media, supported by press releases in local media. In the following weeks, the theme's recognition was reinforced by triangular signs visible throughout the municipality. All with the same message.

From brainstorm t storyboard

Before developing the video concepts, several sessions took place with the teams of each sustainability theme. The process started with joint brainstorming sessions to clearly identify the individual goals and desires of each theme. Subsequently, mood boards and storyboards were developed for each theme, with the aim of giving the teams a clear picture of the concepts to be developed. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Omnichannel strategy

By combining online and offline channels, residents of the Municipality of Cranendonck – including those who are not active on social media – encounter the campaign at various times. To enhance the campaign's recognizability, all expressions and advertisements are created using characters and locations also featured in the videos. Additionally, all characters are residents of the Municipality of Cranendonck, and the recordings were made at locations within the municipality itself, which contributes to the sense of community and ensures that the campaign remains recognizable.

6 themes, 1 campaign

To bring the individual themes together, we chose to develop a concept where all themes fall within a single storyline. In each video, the main character meets a character from the next video, creating one continuous narrative.

The "Cranendonck, daar ben ik zuinig op" campaign is a vivid example of how we can implement a campaign locally. The combination of different channels and the connection with the community has resulted in high engagement among the residents.


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