The energy and enthusiasm are palpable. Gymtown settles for nothing but the best and does everything with passion and full conviction. Komma took on the challenge of capturing this mindset both verbally and visually.

Brand Strategy

This transformation captures the vibrant personality of the Eindhoven-based personal gym, emphasising their commitment to health and wellbeing.

From our in-depth conversations, we defined Gymtown’s brand essence as ‘Ensure Wellbeing’. This higher purpose gives them a clear focus for everything they do throughout their community.

Visual concept

We developed a visual concept that captures Gymtown’s energetic vibe. Originally inspired by a town map, the slanted design reflects dynamic movement and community spirit. The motion was drawn from diverse exercises, really conveying the commitment felt the Gymtown facilities.

Visual Identity

From the website to the in-gym signage, Gymtown's new visual identity is designed to motivate and connect. Our flexible visual system ensures a seamless experience at every touchpoint, reflecting the dynamic and inclusive nature of the community.


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